At Facebook, It’s Always Been All About Growth

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Michael Calore: He’s the naughtiest chicken.

Lauren Goode: He’s the … Don’t do it Emmanuel. Don’t do it!

Alex Heath: Don’t do it!

Lauren Goode: I like it.

Alex Heath: I did simply publish my BeReal although.

Lauren Goode: Oh, you probably did? Oh, superior. OK, cool. Mike, what’s your advice, BeReal about it.

Michael Calore: So very similar to Shirin, I additionally do not prefer to learn books about expertise on my free time. However, I learn a superb e book about expertise on my free time, whereas I used to be gone. I took a trip and skim this on my trip. It is named Whole Earth: The Many Lives of Stewart Brand, and it is by the longtime, New York Times expertise journalist, John Markoff. So Stewart Brand is sort of a hippie dude, he was round in San Francisco Bay Area within the ’60s. He was a Merry Prankster, however then he began hanging out with Stanford individuals, and acquired very into expertise.

He is the founding father of the Whole Earth Catalog, which was kind of like a weblog in print that talked about all the instruments that you simply wanted with a view to stay off the land. And in case you had been into homesteading or communal dwelling, it had plenty of assets for that kind of exercise. He later began The Well, which was one of many first massive casual communities on the web. Now, he works with The Long Now Foundation. So he lives this, this kind of like Forrest Gump fashion existence, the place he has bounced round from group to group, all of them essential and really influential over time.

But he has not been as celebrated as a expertise pioneer, as a result of he’s kind of adjoining to the large celebrated expertise pioneers. So his life is actually fascinating, and his expertise is actually fascinating. And that is like the primary massive kind of e book that is been written about him. There’s additionally a documentary that’s unrelated. It’s additionally about Stewart Brand. It premiered final 12 months, I believe it will make its manner into theaters and onto streaming later this 12 months. So in case you’re on this man, he is in his 80s now, and he is nonetheless vibrant and lively on social media. We’ve interviewed him just a few instances not too long ago in WIRED. He was round when WIRED was based. So he kind of has a connection to our publication. Although, I’ll say, I have no idea him, full disclosure. So sure, nice e book, test it out, The Whole Earth: Many Lives of Stewart Brand by John Markoff.

Lauren Goode: There was a very unflattering overview of that e book revealed not too long ago as nicely, proper?

Michael Calore: There was, sure.

Lauren Goode: Yes.

Michael Calore: Numerous criticism in regards to the e book is that Stewart Brand isn’t as attention-grabbing, as a result of he is the man subsequent to the essential individual. I might argue that is false. Also, the e book is simply actually good. So in case you like biographies of people who find themselves attention-grabbing, then you definitely’ll like this one.

Lauren Goode: So you give it your wholehearted advice.

Michael Calore: I do. Here is a-

Lauren Goode: That was a stretch.

Michael Calore: Yeah. It actually was. Here’s {a photograph} of my entire coronary heart.

Lauren Goode: Thank you for that.

Michael Calore: All proper. Well that’s our present. Shirin and Alex, thanks for becoming a member of us.

Alex Heath: Thanks for having us.

Shirin Ghaffary: Thanks for having us, yeah.

Michael Calore: You can discover all six seasons of Land of the Giants on or perhaps the identical utility you are utilizing to hearken to this podcast, you could find it there. The sixth season premiered final week and new episodes will proceed to roll out by means of the remainder of the summer season. Thank you all for listening. If you will have suggestions, you could find all of us on Twitter. Just test the present notes. Our producer is Boone Ashworth. Goodbye, and we shall be again subsequent week.

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