Google Catches Up to Apple and Samsung in the Hardware Race

Google Catches Up to Apple and Samsung in the Hardware Race Leave a comment

Michael Calore: It’s cramming them in there.

Lauren Goode: I’m actually cramming them in. By the manner, my suggestions aren’t uplifting. I’m simply going to let you recognize. I ought to have caveated from the prime. These aren’t enjoyable. The second factor I’ve been doing is watching this 24-part collection.

Michael Calore: Oh god.

Lauren Goode: On the Cold War. Mike is like, “Really?” OK. I talked to you doing about this the different day.

Michael Calore: You made enjoyable of me for getting actually into six books from Norwegian autofiction creator Karl Ove Knausgård.

Lauren Goode: Yeah, as a result of his e-book is named My Struggle. I’m allowed to make enjoyable of that, or at the very least elevate an eyebrow at it.

Michael Calore: Yes. That’s what he desires.

Lauren Goode: OK. Yes.

Michael Calore: So anyway, about your 24-part documentary about the Cold War.

Lauren Goode: Yes. OK. It was produced by CNN in the late ’90s. I consider it was 1998 that it was launched. And I could have discovered it someplace on YouTube. I do not need to get it taken down, so please, YouTube, do not take it down earlier than I end watching it. But somebody has printed it in its entirety on YouTube.

And it is a captivating glimpse at historical past that’s nonetheless—we’re nonetheless very a lot affected by as we speak. I imply, it is so apparent, the whole lot that is going, I do not even need to get into it. I’m like, I’ll simply say it is a rather well reported and easy account of the Cold War and all of its kinds and factions in all of the international locations concerned, in a manner that I’m simply discovering fascinating.

Some of it I’ve examine in college. Some of it I in all probability did not study sufficient about rising up, or I solely realized sure sides of it from crummy historical past books. And so I extremely suggest, when you’ve got the time at night time and you’ll be able to’t sleep, trying out the Cold War documentary from CNN someplace on YouTube. It’s on the market.

Michael Calore: Or should you’re at the fitness center sitting on an train bike.

Lauren Goode: Sure. Why not?

Michael Calore: You can both watch a video of …

Lauren Goode: Yeah. STA will get your coronary heart price up.

Michael Calore: Yep.

Lauren Goode: Yep.

Michael Calore: Or you’ll be able to watch dystopian animated sci-fi on Netflix, simply saying.

Lauren Goode: Sure. That sounds nice. This has been a very enjoyable present, although I do not know whether or not our producer would agree. We love you, Boone. Julian, thanks a lot for becoming a member of us. It’s at all times a pleasure having you on.

Julian Chokkattu: Thank you very a lot for having me.

Lauren Goode: And thanks, Mike, for being a very nice cohost.

Michael Calore: Well, thanks, Lauren.

Lauren Goode: And my main Pixel pal.

Michael Calore: I look ahead to sending you extra hyperlinks to photographs.

Lauren Goode: All proper. Thanks to all of you for listening. If you could have suggestions, you will discover all of us on Twitter. Just test the present notes. And should you really feel prefer it, depart us a overview in Apple Podcasts. Our producer is the glorious and very affected person Boone Ashworth. Goodbye for now. We’ll be again subsequent week.

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