Vodafone’s One for One Phone Recycling Program Will Bring Old Phones Back to Life

Vodafone’s One for One Phone Recycling Program Will Bring Old Phones Back to Life Leave a comment

An unlucky consequence of our collective lust for shiny new devices is a rising mountain (sometimes literally) of digital waste. Far too a lot of our units are tough to recycle, and so much of our e-waste ends up in landfills, the place poisonous chemical compounds might seep into the bottom and pollute the native water provide.

The Global E-Waste Statistics Partnership estimates that we produce greater than 50 million tons of e-waste yearly and recycle simply 20 p.c. We throw away telephones, displays, and numerous different units that could be refurbished and pressed again into service or dismantled to harvest the helpful supplies inside.

But how to persuade producers to take part? Waste compensation firm Closing the Loop (CTL) connects tech producers with native communities to eat tech extra sustainably. Today, the corporate introduced its settlement with Vodafone in Germany, the place the telecommunications firm guarantees that “for every mobile phone sold to private customers, we bring an old one back into circulation.”

Money for Old Phones

Vodafone intends to do that partly by the One for One initiative, whereby CTL buys end-of-life units which are fully unusable or unrepairable, utilizing assortment networks primarily based in Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Instead of ending up in landfills, these units are professionally recycled to extract gold, silver, copper, and cobalt that may return into circulation.

CTL labored with Samsung and T-Mobile a few years in the past on an analogous scheme, however on a a lot smaller scale, for the Galaxy S10e in the Netherlands. It has additionally labored with KPMG, the Dutch Government, and Expereo, however this Vodafone deal is its largest to date. It guarantees to recycle no less than 1 million previous cell telephones yearly.

“How do you make electronic waste reduction commercially attractive to people?” asks Joost de Kluijver, CTL’s director. “We want to get the commercial folks interested in sustainability.”

De Kluijver is satisfied that the trail to higher recycling is to construct a enterprise case that may drive formal assortment, creating demand for extra e-waste to be collected and funding native plans. It’s a practical strategy. There’s additionally hope that Vodafone will profit from this program by choosing up and retaining extra clients, proving to different huge tech manufacturers that folks care about how e-waste is dealt with.

In addition to this system with CTL, Vodafone can be asserting its GigaGreen Re-Trade program, which goals to get previous smartphones out of drawers (there are an estimated 200 million of them in Germany alone) and again into circulation by making it fast and straightforward for folks to commerce them in. You reply just a few questions and Vodafone’s software program analyzes your telephone to supply a trade-in value and free transport.

What Goes Around

While it’s higher than doing nothing, this sort of waste compensation scheme raises some points and potential greenwashing issues. The of us at iFixit say recycling should be the last resort. Even when telephones are correctly recycled utilizing the most recent methods, what can truly be recovered could be very restricted. Ideally, telephones needs to be refurbished repeatedly earlier than they’re recycled.

The iFixit workforce additionally raised issues concerning the environmental value of transport. Many international locations lack the infrastructure and experience to recycle regionally. CTL is transport the units it collects to recycling factories in Europe, although it claims the local weather stability is constructive, and it plans to assist the development of recycling infrastructures straight in growing international locations. But for CTL and others, like World Loop, transport e-waste to Europe is the lesser of two evils when the choice is informal recycling or landfill.

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