What You Should Know About Switching to Mastodon

What You Should Know About Switching to Mastodon Leave a comment

Michael Calore: Nope.

Lauren Goode: Do you suppose you’ll be a part of Mastodon?

Michael Calore: Maybe if there is a compelling neighborhood there. If there is a server for Swedish psych pop.

Lauren Goode: You are by no means going to stay down Swedish psych pop. I feel you talked about that at a convention, in like a blended crowd just a few years in the past, and now you are simply Swedish psych pop man.

Michael Calore: I’m completely pleased with that.

Lauren Goode: I do not know if there is a Mastodon server for Swedish psych pop, however I’m curious whether or not or not you suppose we may technically set one up within the time it takes to file this podcast.

Michael Calore: Maybe.

Lauren Goode: Probably not.

Michael Calore: I do not actually know a lot about it.

Lauren Goode: Well, on the upside, somebody goes to demystify Mastodon for us right now.

Michael Calore: Sweet. Let’s do it.

[Gadget Lab intro theme music plays]

Lauren Goode: Hi everybody. Welcome to Gadget Lab. I’m Lauren Goode. I’m a senior author at WIRED.

Michael Calore: And I’m Michael Calore. I’m a senior editor at WIRED.

Lauren Goode: We’re additionally joined this week by WIRED senior editor Andrew Couts, who’s coming to us from a hamlet in upstate New York.

Andrew Couts: Hi, all people.

Lauren Goode: I simply needed to say hamlet. Hey, Andrew. How many individuals stay on this hamlet?

Andrew Couts: 188.

Lauren Goode: Seriously?

Andrew Couts: Yes.

Lauren Goode: That’s unbelievable. Are you want mayor there?

Andrew Couts: Nope, however I most likely could possibly be if I needed to. I do not know if we also have a mayor. We have a board, but it surely’s very small. It’s quaint. It’s good.

Lauren Goode: I’m keen to wager that of everybody who lives in your hamlet, you have got essentially the most followers on Mastodon.

Andrew Couts: That might be true. I sort of hope it is true, as a result of if it isn’t, then which means my neighbors are weirder than I feel they’re.

Lauren Goode: And you want to go good friend them instantly. All proper, effectively, we have undoubtedly tipped off what we’re speaking about right now. Right now, in the event you’re lively on any common social media platform like Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, you are utilizing a centralized social media app. What does this even imply? Basically, it implies that one physique or one company holds all the facility over that community. It may also imply that you simply actually expertise one main feed when you go online to the app, however within the first two extraordinarily chaotic weeks of Elon Musk’s possession of Twitter, one other narrative has emerged, one about decentralized social media apps. And one particularly, it is referred to as Mastodon. Now Mastodon seems to be and feels somewhat like Twitter, but it surely’s fairly completely different at its core, so we have invited Andrew on to discuss it—as a result of Andrew, I feel you, like me, spent all weekend banging your head towards the keyboard attempting to determine Mastodon. Is that appropriate?

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